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| Last Updated:: 22/07/2015

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Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre




Information is a vital to any substantive conservation effort.   IGCMC seeks to strengthen conservation of biodiversity in the country by paving as a centre of information on India’s biological resources and its management of land, water and forest resources and protected areas. GIS is our technical arm that helps us observe changes in the natural resources reserves.



 To provide reliable, up-to-date information for natural resources decisions

·     Build databases on indicators of conservation status of species, eco systems and biodiversity

·     Support international conventions on wildlife conservation through data management and analysis

·     Build data management capacity

·     Provide Information support for Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

·     Disseminate data widely through books, maps and electronic media


 Our Goal


·     State of art GIS capability dedicated to Biodiversity Information Management on National Scale

·     State of art Information Technology utilizing its full potential

·     Research capacity in diverse disciplines relevant to Biodiversity Conservation

·     “To support biodiversity conservation in India through collecting, managing and disseminating relevant data and knowledge, and by providing apropriate technical, analytical and networking services.”


 IGCMC Capacity Based On


·         Human Resources & Networking

·     Specialists in different disciplines

·     WWF-India network

·     NGOs

·     Research Institutions/Universities

·     Government/Donors

·     I.T. infrastructure

·     Capacity to manage large Spatial/Non-Spatial Database

·     Well equipped GIS lab

·     Multi-platform network

·    IGCMC conceived as a national facility for information on biodiversity with full concurrence of MoEF


 Remote Sensing & GIS Facility at IGCMC, WWF-India


IGCMC has been equipped with the latest Remote Sensing and GIS softwares. Image processing software such as ERDAS Imagine professional version 2014 is being used for the remote sensing data interpretation. Arc GIS Desktop Advance (Arc Info) along with extensions such as Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, are also being used for the GIS Analysis work.


 For the data input IGCMC has the provision of A"0" size color scanner, A4 size color scanner, A4 size color printer, A"0" size digitizer and 42" plotter. IGCMC has executed several projects involving Remote Sensing and GIS mapping application over the last few months and has capabilities to undertake large-scale GIS projects and services.


Application of RS & GIS Techniques

A biogeographically representative and effectively managed network of protected areas is an important means of ensuring biodiversity conservation in the country. However, much remains to be done to assess the physical and ecological conditions of these areas. By utilising remotely sensed data and GIS techniques, it is possible to evaluate such conditions and to help develop eco-development plans for these areas. Such diagnostic studies to identify the frailties of these areas are, thus, of utmost importance to support measures for bringing about improvements through developmental activities. The IGCMC is extensively using Geographic Information Systems for providing data on protected areas in the country so that the requisite spatial information becomes available to resource managers and planners. Similar work is being planned for wetlands, degraded forests and other important ecosystems. State of the art hardware and software facilities including image processing software have been set up in the Centre to take up the above mentioned activities.


Remote Sensing & GIS based Maps prepared by IGCMC, WWF-India